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How Sustainable Development Can Be Achieved from Home

Last month I made a big move.  I relocated from the little city to a small town about 30 km away.  Though the distance between my old and new home isn’t much, I feel like I am in a whole new world. 

There are many things that make a city...Read More »

How to Think and Act Globally for the Greater Good

Years ago, I caught on to the practice of fair trade.  Knowing deep down free trade is not fair for many global citizens, I looked for a different way to do business.

It was through the fair trade movement that I was able to breathe new life into Simply Sustainable,...Read More »

Still Wondering Why to Invest in Sustainability?

If you speak to an optimist (myself included), we’ll tell you that going green makes economic sense. Speak to a skeptic, they might tell you it costs too much.

Either way you look at it, environmental initiatives across the globe may cost you today, but tomorrow’s payoff is well worth the...Read More »

Why a Restorative Economy Is Worth Investing In

Late last year I read Nonprofit Management 101, a book edited by Darian Rodriguez Heyman.  Chapter 2 – “Welcome to the Movement” was written by Paul Hawken

His words jumped off the page, and I breezed through the chapter.  I needed to learn more, so I...Read More »