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In Pursuit of Balanced Collaboration

Do you find it hard to collaborate with people on the other side of an issue?

You might be wondering, “why would I collaborate with someone I don’t agree with?”.

Well, the answer is simple.  That’s how we co-exist.  Further, that’s how we progress.

The world...Read More »

22 Quotes about Peace, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development

At the core of the 17 Global Goals, there is a call to action.  One that asks individuals to actively participate in sustainable development across the globe. 

Whether you work at the local or global level; in health care, environmental restoration, or finance, it doesn’t matter – everyone has a role...Read More »

Wetlands Key to Success of Global Goals

Did you know that once upon a time wetlands were considered wastelands?

A lot has changed since then.  Today, they hold high importance globally and are protected under international treaty to ensure wise use for sustainable development.

Having just celebrated World Wetlands Day, I thought this would be a great topic to showcase...Read More »

Duty of Care to Act on Climate Change

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help solve the issues surrounding climate change?

The impacts of a warming planet and changing climate have been affecting the state of our environment for decades.  Scientist came forward long ago alongside organizations and individuals standing up for the Earth, urging all...Read More »

Investing in Sustainable Consumption

Do you want to make sustainable solutions part of your daily life?  Good news! When it comes to the way you buy and sell, you can.

A big part of the plan to achieve the Global Goals – otherwise known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – lies in...Read More »

How Sustainable Development Can Be Achieved from Home

Do you believe that a city can be designed to allow for sustainable development?

Last month I made a big move.  I relocated from a little city to a small town about 30 km away.  Though the distance between my old and new home isn’t much, I feel like I...Read More »

How to Think and Act Globally for the Greater Good

Do you think and act globally in your local community? 

Years ago, I caught on to the practice of fair trade.  Knowing deep down free trade is not fair for many global citizens, I looked for a different way to do business.

It was through the fair trade movement that I was...Read More »

Still Wondering Why to Invest in Sustainability?

Have you ever noticed that people who promote sustainability are optimistic?  

Perhaps it’s because we know that the true benefits of sustainability go beyond going green, they also make economic sense. Speak to a skeptic, they might tell you it costs too much.

Either way you look at it, environmental initiatives...Read More »

Simply Sustainable Lifestyle

Connect with Nature: This is where it all begins.  From the first moment you connect with Nature, you begin to see that everything is interdependent.  That an act in one part of the world ultimately leads to a counter reaction in another part of the world – near or far.

101 Simple Acts for Sustainable Impact