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Simply Sustainable Small Acts101 Simple Acts for Sustainable Impact

There are so many small steps you can take to make the world a better place.  Below is a list of 101 simple acts that you can apply to your daily life to make a ripple effect of positive change.


  1. Connect with nature;
  2. Plant a tree;
  3. Plant a garden;
  4. Compost;
  5. Share seeds;
  6. Reduce;
  7. Reuse;
  8. Recycle;
  9. Shop local;
  10. Eat local;
  11. Drink local;
  12. Choose organic;
  13. Thank a farmer;
  14. Hug a tree;
  15. Protect pollinators;
  16. Plant pollinators;
  17. Protect wetlands;
  18. If you run a business, apply a Triple Bottom Line framework;
  19. Support cradle to cradle design as a producer and consumer;
  20. Design in line with nature – biomimicry;
  21. Ethically source products;
  22. Support fair trade;
  23. Donate items you no longer need;
  24. Bring reusable bags when shopping;
  25. Invest in a Restorative Economy;
  26. Vote with your dollar;
  27. Vote for politicians who support sustainable development;
  28. Educate yourself on the 17 Global Goals;
  29. Exercise outdoors when possible;
  30. Drive less;
  31. Don’t idle;
  32. Drive the speed limit;
  33. Carpool;
  34. Buy used whenever possible;
  35. Live within your means;
  36. Avoid debt;
  37. Watch less tv – or no tv;
  38. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth;
  39. Keep a bucket in the shower to capture water when you are waiting for it to warm up;
  40. Turn off the lights when you leave the room;
  41. Leave the lights off during daylight hours;
  42. Use rechargeable batteries;
  43. Wear a sweater instead of turning up the heat in colder climates;
  44. Use fans instead of air conditioner in warmer climates;
  45. Restore older homes rather than building new when possible;
  46. Start a social enterprise;
  47. Support social enterprises;
  48. Retrofit homes to be energy efficient;
  49. Install a green roof or living roof;
  50. Use rain barrels;
  51. Conserve water;
  52. Use low flow toilets & flush only when you need to;
  53. Support responsible regulation of cannabis;
  54. Support green energy;
  55. Eat less meat – or no meat;
  56. Eat less processed foods;
  57. Switch to a plant-based diet;
  58. Eat what’s in season;
  59. Avoid chemicals – in food, garden & lawn;
  60. Use biodegradable soap;
  61. Hang close to dry instead of using a dryer;
  62. Wash clothes in cold water;
  63. Wear something more than once before washing it;
  64. Drink tap water when possible;
  65. Drink from a reusable water bottle rather than a disposable one;
  66. Use containers instead of baggies and plastic wrap;
  67. Fill a small bucket when washing dishes rather than letting the tap run;
  68. Encourage your favorite restaurant to offer compostable take-out containers;
  69. Make your coffee/tea at home in a travel mug;
  70. Pack your lunch/snacks when out of the house;
  71. Skip drive-thru;
  72. Work from home when possible;
  73. Choose natural remedies;
  74. Volunteer locally;
  75. Support cooperatives;
  76. Educate yourself – do your research before investing time, money, & energy in an organization;
  77. Consider Impact Investing – finance local initiatives;
  78. Gift plants instead of cut flowers;
  79. Avoid single-use/disposable items;
  80. Buy bulk when possible;
  81. Respect the ecosystem – don’t kill living species;
  82. Consider eco-tourism options when traveling;
  83. Celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd);
  84. Celebrate Earth Hour (date varies);
  85. Ladies – try The DivaCup or The Keeper;
  86. Embrace your natural beauty (rather than changing your physical appearance);
  87. Participate in clothing swaps with friends or in your community;
  88. Make your own health & beauty products;
  89. Take stock of what you’ve got at home before hitting the store to buy more;
  90. Don’t waste food;
  91. Put a sign on your mailbox “no flyers or newspapers” if you typically toss them before reading;
  92. Set as your homepage on your computer;
  93. Turn off your computer when you go for lunch;
  94. Use scrap paper;
  95. Print double-sided when possible;
  96. Print in fast draft & greyscale mode;
  97. Repair items instead of replacing them;
  98. Choose quality over quantity;
  99. Slow down & enjoy the simple things in life;
  100. Meditate & Practice gratitude;
  101. Share ideas, items, information, & insight!

Plant A Tree for Sustainability

Only caring individuals can restore the places we inhabit. The ‘simple act of planting a tree’ not only restores the places we live, but makes us whole and powerful again.

Paul Hawken

What’s your favorite simple act?  Share your ideas & comments below or connect on Twitter!