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Simply SustainableTM is a mutable movement by nature.  It has evolved from a post grad project in 2006, to a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting handmade & fair trade products, and finally into a platform for people to connect & learn about simple acts that create sustainable impact.


Over the past ten years, I have planted many seeds.  Sustainability has been a hot topic since the beginning – rightfully so – it’s connected to everything.  The decisions we make in our daily life impacts ourselves, people around us both near and far, the next branches on family trees, and the very places we call home; planet Earth.

I was inspired to spread the word, small suggestions of products to invest in, organizations to support, places to travel, etc.  My passion for sharing information with others, offering an alternative perspective on day to day matters is where my path has led me, and I’m ready to take the next quantum leap of faith.

This grassroots movement has always been propelled by finding different ways of sharing information & inspiration with global communities by creating, exchanging, teaching, learning, and growing.

Act. Connect. Empower.