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Plant A Tree for Sustainability


To mobilize thought & action for the greater good.


Create a virtual space where ideas, insight, & information come together.

Support individuals & organizations in tackling the 17 Global Goals.

Shake the stigma that numbers are scary & encourage accountability and transparency where ever possible.

Inspire transcendence by applying the wisdom of yesterday balanced with the tools of today.

Core Values

Go Green – All actions have a ripple effect.  Day to day decisions leaves a footprint on the Earth, tread lightly every step of the way.  Conscious consumption, waste diversion, and conservation of resources are some examples of small efforts that can add up to a positive impact on the planet.

Keep it Local – Support grassroots efforts & small businesses.  Think Global, Act Local.  

Make it Fair – Fair trade is a different way of doing business, it goes beyond a brand or a certification. It is a global movement that was set in motion many decades ago with the community in mind.  All those involved – from the growers & makers, to the customer & the environment – are considered throughout the process.

Triple Bottom Line – Create within a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework that balances environmental, financial, and social sustainability.

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