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In 2018, Leah Feor ran for municipal council in the Town of Fort Erie.

“I’m running for council because my community inspires me.  I want to contribute in a meaningful way to its betterment.  I want to serve on council and make my neighbours voices heard.   It will also let me advocate for important policies.  Policies that will strengthen the Town of Fort Erie.” ~ Leah Feor

Leah is committed to:

  1. Engaging with community members and ensuring decisions are predictable, fair, and make financial sense.
  2. A focus on the commercial core of Crystal Beach to support prosperity.
  3. Conserving the natural and cultural heritage that are important to us.

Leah values:


She takes responsibility for her actions and decisions.


She weighs the impact on our environment, our economy, and our society when making decisions.


She builds relationships with people and organizations to achieve common goals.


She is considerate and open to other perspectives, beliefs, and core values.