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At the end of 2014 I posted How’s your Vision? I think it’s safe for me to admit that mine was a bit blurry. I wrote that post on December 31st, 2014. I was going full force ahead, wind at my back, embracing a new way for a Simply Sustainable life. That was of course until I went to Cuba in January and had to explain what exactly I did for a living. It wasn’t hard due to a language barrier, my Spanish skills are quite good. It was due to the fact that I really didn’t know where I was going or exactly how I would get there.

I knew that I wanted to share and connect; to teach and learn, but I didn’t fully know how I would do that effectively. Furthermore I didn’t  know how I would consistently earn an income doing it. My services which range from cost accounting to organizational development to teaching English (the list goes on) are often done on a volunteer basis or below market value charge out rate. You don’t choose which cause(s) you believe in much like you don’t choose who you love.

So here I am, “another year over, and a new one just begun”. In my last post, I talked about taking a step back in 2015 and getting some clarity. Now I’d like to act on that, mobilize myself and do a little fine tuning in my professional life. I share this because I know that I am not alone, and feel that knowledge is meant to be shared, even as inspiration.

As I mentioned last month, my mind feels balanced when I follow “A lifelong “career” spent learning – work that allows me to exercise my mind, stay active and dedicate passionately to greater good”. And since it’s all about balance for me – and I will forever be a sole proprietor – I would like to make a few tweaks to my mission/vision statement while taking a lesson from Russ Stoddard of Oliver Russel.

So much of what I teach and learn surrounds social enterprise and grassroots movements so I try to keep up to date with information as best as I can. Twitter has proven to be an excellent source for just that.

I had acknowledged already that my vision was slightly blurry, and had it on the “to do” list to make some changes, so I felt a level of synchronicity when I came across a white paper titled “How to Build a Purpose-Driven Company, Part 1”. I read it, twice. And just in time!

I really liked how Stoddard broke things down, how he defined things. I strongly suggest you give it a read (all three parts) if you are amidst creating a company of your own.

As for me, I’ll be making some changes to my “About” page in the hours and days ahead. Keep posted!

Welcome to 2016….year of action.

2015-04-28 12.00.37

This is a picture of the back of the seat in front mine on a bus ride I took in Argentina, Spring 2015. Clearly an affirmation: “Think about doing good”.

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Leah Feor is the owner of Simply Sustainable, a small business that has evolved from a fair trade mobile shop to a strategic consulting firm serving entrepreneurs with a social or environmental vision. Balancing her clients’ Triple Bottom Line – people, planet, profit – is Leah’s utmost goal, and is supported by her background in accounting and environmental management.

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