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Over the past five years I have dedicated my energy to growing and developing a different kind of business.  One that is driven by passion.  I did not fit well into the corporate culture of the companies I once worked for.  Creating my own culture through a personal grassroots movement has been my greatest success.

Simply Sustainable at Mariposa Folk Festival
Simply Sustainable at Mariposa Folk Festival

Growing pains will always be part of the growth process – however solid ground in the overall mission helps immensely.  Defining my mission statement from the very beginning was a bit tricky – but setting out the foundation for what I wanted to achieve helped me walk towards it .  When I first started making jewelry – I was enjoying the art behind it.  I still do very much so, however I have grown beyond just jewelry.  My product line of course has evolved, but more importantly so has my movement.

Simply Sustainable’s First Display

Can we pursue our passions?  Many people respond the same way when I tell them about the adventures along the way that I have experienced pursuing my passion with Simply Sustainable.  They say “you’re so lucky!” Well of course I feel lucky – everyday that I wake up.  For so many more reasons than having the freedom to pursue my passion.  Being born into a Canadian family has given me every advantage.  Living in different communities throughout the Americas has humbled me & filled me with gratitude.

Niagara Glen Canada
Niagara Glen, Canada

Along with luck – I have also had to make sacrifices to gain momentum.  In order to do what I do, see what I see, meet who I meet and learn what I learn – I make sacrifices.  I still do not make minimum wage however the non-financial rewards have made this acceptable for now.

Should we only measure success in dollars?  Should the bottom line matter most or should we focus a little more on how we earned it?  Progress in business, and in life can easily be understood when we ask ourselves – at what expense was this obtained?

More important than a question I hear often “are you making any money?” is the question I ask myself everyday “Is it sustainable?”

Salto Apongwao, Venezuela
Salto Apongwao, Venezuela

What does Sustainable really mean?  It’s a widely used term with a broad subjective definition depending on who you ask.  I personally define it as the ability to lead a life that contributes to the long term growth of healthy communities globally without further compromising Mother Nature or citizens worldwide.  Retroactive compensation for damage that has been done from short sighted unfair development over the past centuries may never be paid out. However, through leading our own initiatives, we can ensure that we do not continue to contribute to that same mistake over and over again.

San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Wake up!  Rethink your morning routine. Take note of how you spend your day.  Are you contributing to sustainability?   Make small adjustments to your daily acts.  Choose Fair Trade coffee co-operatives – they promote value in their products.  Support your neighbour and their small business, if they grow so does your city – jobs are created – people will have more money to spend.  The trickle down effect of shopping locally is invaluable to a community.  Spread your wealth locally instead of sending it south of the border to a large conglomerate.  Quality of life will increase around town!

Unique Creations Niagara Falls
Unique Creations Artisan Outlet,
Niagara Falls

We are capable of achieving passionate & sustainable communities if we choose to get out of our cars a little more often. Decide to walk instead of drive.  Commute to work by bicycle and pack a lunch instead of going through the drive-thru.  Become part of the movement by choosing to go out dancing when one of our many local talents are showcasing a night of music at the local bar or festival instead of another night in front of the TV on the couch.

To answer the question – yes – we can pursue our passion.  If we make a sustainable plan for what we aim to achieve, we can continue to add colour to the city walls by building our own culture.  Shift your perception of success and take a leap of faith towards satisfying your soul.

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala

I say pursue your passion.  It will teach you to adapt, build, create, and find value in the small accomplishments along the way.  These skills are transferable to every aspect of your life.

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Leah Feor

Leah Feor is the owner of Simply Sustainable, a small business that has evolved from a fair trade mobile shop to a strategic consulting firm serving entrepreneurs with a social or environmental vision. Balancing her clients’ Triple Bottom Line – people, planet, profit – is Leah’s utmost goal, and is supported by her background in accounting and environmental management.

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